I AM more than what people say…..


I am more than what people say; thus, when they say I am fat, 

or I am ugly, or maybe even dumb, so what? So what if you 

say I am worthless, or no one will ever love me? So what? Why 

should I care what people who don’t even give a fuck about

me say? Why should I care? Just because you say I’m a bitch, 

doesn’t mean I am a bitch. You can say what you want, but you

can’t change the fact that you are the words you throw at others.


I am more than what people say, because they only see glimpses 

of me. But that is just that, a glimpse, you don’t know what I 

do everyday. You don’t know what I eat for breakfast, or if I 

do eat breakfast. You don’t know what books I read, or if I 

even read books. You don’t know who my favourite authors

are, or what I think about before I sleep. You don’t know 

how I like my burger served, or If I like condiments with it.

You don’t know if I sleep with a night lamp, or if I have a 

favourite teddy bear with me before I go to bed. You don’t

know the songs I sing in the Shower, or if I even sing in the

Shower. You don’t know if I prefer vanilla over chocolate, 

or if maybe I like neither. 

You don’t know the little things that make me who I am. 

You don’t. 


I am more than what people say, let them say what they want, I 

am who I am, not what they label me to be.


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